5 Animals That Aren’t Dinosaurs

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Darren Seabolt says:

Well at least we know this guys lying, we have only been here 6,000 years.
This guy needs to read real science books not those stupid evolution books
that are full of lies and cover ups.

RafTheDude says:

So wait, if this ‘God’ people speak of is so nice, why does he not care
about the possibility of other possible life forms out there in the
ever-expanding universe and only care about us humans? Also, (I think that)
according to people, those who believe in religion will be ‘saved.’ Those
this also mean he is not nice enough to care about other life forms HERE in
Earth other than us humans?


BananaBoat629 says:

Evolution is a lie

Solar Heavy says:

Can i have a dinosaur now?

Arm4g3dd0nX says:

Hmmmmmmmmmm… 65 million years ago was the second greatest devastation?
I thought it was third. #1 being oxygenation of the atmosphere, #2 being
current destruction of global diversity.

Rentless f says:

noope these are still dinosaurs. just cause they are not lizards doesn’t
mean they aren’t dinosaurs. I mean techinacally it does but these are still
dinosaurs because they came about in the same periods. is an ancient fish a
dinosaur… yeah just cause the greek version, means “scary lizard” or
something its new meaning is old Creature. OH dinosaurs only lived on land
well where did they come from originally… THE OCEAN

tyvonable says:

god best days were those from the dinosaurs. oooh he had some fun in
creating weird-ass creatures that eat each other, looked like shit and
probably did pretty fucked up stuff on a daily basis.

sterlingdragon123 says:

Wait, if Icthyosaurs are aquatic, finned creatures which breathe air and
give birth to live young…
I mean, I don’t want to be too hasty, but I’ve heard of some aquatic
creatures that breathe air and give birth to live young. Some are still
extant, such as Dolphins, Whales, Seals, Walruses, Porpoises, Manatees,
Dugongs, and Sea Lions.
Amazingly, all of those are… you know, mammals? So what reason to we have
to believe Icthyosaurs AREN’T mammals?

SciShow says:

Learn about the definition of true dinosaurs.

TheAverageAnarchist says:

I have been thinking. Carnivorous dinosaurs are always shown as these
extreme, ultraviolent creatures that would attack anything in sight
(Jurassic Park). But, what if they were more like the animals that roam the
earth today. You can see that lions will attack a gazelle, then feed the
pack. But do they attack anything that they see? No, only if they are
hungry. So I think that you could probably be a dinosaur, (and as long as
you don’t catch the dinosaur in a hungry mood) and just go on your way past
the t-rex. I am not a professional, I know that. But I made this

Maeve Glackin-Coley says:


AshleynessVlogs says:

Question: How recently did scientists make these distinctions between what
is and is not a dinosaur? Or more to the point, why do they seem to all end
up in the same category when there are actually many categories?

Ray Kaelin says:

Sorry Dude but your delivery is sooo annoying. Try a less goofy approach.

Michael Exman says:

many dinosaurs grew so big, because the gravational constant of the
universe was not as strong as it is now. 

An artist theory on the physics of 'Time' Quantum Atom Theory an interpretation of Quantum Mechanics says:

Interesting info! Could you make a video about the alternative theories on
YouTube that are outside of the mainstream! 

Icecream2448 says:

How can we tell how old something is just by looking at fosils?

Chance Becker says:

I’m I the only person who thinks he sounds like cryotic

Olivia C-G says:

Could you possibly do a video on the 1st biggest wipeout in history?

The banana says:

Given how great chicken tastes, I’d pay some serious $$$ for some deep
fried T-Rex dark meat or sour cream Triceratops and long necks. xD

Seriously, this episode blew my mind. 

AfonsodelCB says:

well… I will still call them dinosaurs 

DigitalVirusX2 says:

I would give my life to spend just a week on ancient Earth then report back
to the present and share my findings. Just imagine an earth, fully
swallowed by lush green mountains and forests, wetlands stretching over
miles, pollution not even being fathomable. And also pretty much common
animals of today being 40 stories high…. that too.

GamerPig (Leader Of EnteR) says:

1. Chicken Not Dinosauers
4. Rooster

Sentay0 says:

Thank god for cataclysmic planetary events.

RedStefan says:

So birds are dinosaurs!

Josh Evans says:

Actually, some Dinosaurs did swim, and still do. Penguins, like all birds,
are Dinosaurs. Also, in the late Cretaceous, a similar bird called
Hesperornis was swimming around.