Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards – first test animation

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Video Ranking: four / five

Tomasz W says:

Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards

Virtimera says:

BBC was lying to us for all those years Goddammit!!

Nicholas Druminor says:

Twenty-eight people are terrible at being lizards.

MondoMedia says:

Dinosaurs. Smart creatures? Apparently not so much. Dinosaurs: Terrible

falconbleau says:

You are all obviously talented, and this is a lot of fun.

However, the amount of camera movement is not only distracting, but very
detrimental to the enjoyment of the piece. It does NOT feel natural, and
you need to dial that way back.

The Dinosaur Master says:

How can you mock dinosaurs! There awesome! 

Sigmar975 says:

Noooo it cannot be true…. poor dinosaurs. :)

akumabito2008 says:


Windclaw says:

Crazy? Insane? Totally off the wall?
What did you expect?

Rathergood says:
DerKeyCee says:

Please do more of this epic stuff ;)

metallian40 says:

loved it <3

badreaxion says:

Totally brilliant. You guys should turn this into a full-on series.

GengusHitler2 says:

Different style but fucking brilliant all the same. What?

Ralf Wolters says:

I want one as a pet!!!

Too Lazy To Live says:

No wonder they’re extinct.

Bobfish Almighty says:




Philip King says:

Excellent, more of this please Joel!

bcgrote says:

Freaking brilliant! Do more please!

matthew liotta says:

The name “Dinosaur” literally translates as “Terrible Lizard”.

Adam TJ Zendejas says:

that was inaccurate, the animation so dum and animation those animals are
dum and stupid and not funny

faffytunes says:

Nice one well done

Giorgos Avgoustidis says:

Your translation is terrible the word is greek and it comes from dino
(δεινος) saur (σαυρα). Δεινος means formidable, awesome or excellent in
english and also we as greek reffer it for other expressions like ¨”δεινος
κυνηγος” which means awesome or excellent hunter like for t-rex and not

Joel Veitch says:

Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards. Tremble in fear at our horrifying new
documentary about these majestic creatures Dinosaurs: Terrible Lizards

UncleFexxer says:

Okay, this NEEDS to be a series. Period.