Minecraft | SURPRISE EGGS CHALLENGE – Dinosaurs Mod! (Raptor Chaos, Jurassic Park, JurassicCraft)

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TheAtlanticCraft says:

Let’s hit 4,000 likes for more! Suggest other bosses we can use Atlanteans!

Sasha Combellick says:

Unnamed me from your clash of clans server, some guy is banning people for
no reason I spamed lol but stoped and he banned he banned 31 players before
me. It doesn’t look like he’s a donator or admin, he’s a hacker i think. If
u gunman unbamed me my user is SashDimon. also, I love ur dream craft and
hide and seek series!!!!!

TheAtlanticCraft says:
SkiddioGaming says:

Hey guys I put Time and effort into my videos and it would be great if you
all checked out my channel!

Slenersheep818 - says:


Dylan Dollarhite says:

I LOVE osmosis Jones its one of my fav movies.
Drips… Its drix. Whatever.

Guy Clark says:

you shod do the drpy squid mod

XD ShadowGirl says:


Jacob Faltin says:


Eagle Force says:

I counted 2 fucks in the begining of the video

David Yelvington says:

My favorite sereal is cinnamon toset crunch.

Marc Tamid says:

My favorite siril is lucky charms and cinnamon toast crunch 

William Sartin says:

Make a tank of water spawn in and a angry plesiosaurus

CosmicArcher97 says:

I think you should make a surprise egg that when you open it, it starts
raining emeralds, Gold, Diamonds maybe potatoes? etc
And it will be a 1 in 1000 surprise eggs.

William Harris says:

?????¿????¿ never heard about it what is it about ???? 

Ry Beck says:

is this mod up for public yet?

Joel Edwards says:

You should make a Jurassic server and every weekend you guys judge the
parks and give the top three parks some rewards

Ethan Horsman says:

Do a atlantic craft surprise egg challenge

SkyLegoPokeCraft says:

For the mod make a Troll face and in text say NOTHING then have ghasts

Jiahui He says:

Joebuz cheated he summon so many of them in one round

Brian Murdock says:

joe cheated he spawned before cody finished killing the round

Susan Dane says:


jay dougal says:

Yeah chereos are quit good but I like coco pops now

scratch marcs says:


Turtle Master says:

Was the beginning a mistake, because I thought you guys were family
friendly, just cody saying fuck.