The Hunter Primal – DINOSAURS! Gameplay Part 1 (TheHunter)

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Video Score: 4 / 5

EntoanThePack says:

Dinosaurs LOVE to kill me!

BaronVonGamez says:

holy tits, dem dinosaurs! 

Cecily Hynson says:

Dang those Dinosaurs must really like u because they almost followed u the
whole time #Stalkers

Jaimie Shaw says:

Land Before Time isn’t as happy as I remember! :3

Rui IsSleepingWithSirens says:

Sheesh. Those dino’s were just non-stop after them.. More specifically
Entoan. XD 

Norma Jean Ruiz says:

Entoan play crazy craft with dlive it is super fun and maybe you can prank
him from time to time i have a few suggestions but not right now

Tori Foster says:

This video is great entoan! Your one of my favorite youtubers BTW. 

Jennisys 46 says:

Just a random question, what has been your favorite game to play so far

The123CreeperDudeProductions says:

make more!

Frederik pedersen says:

How in heavens are you supposed to kill a T-Rex in this game lol

Naomi Jones says:

Love the video^-^<3

Rebekah Magana says:

cool video

benjamin moore says:

1st comment

Michael Pinkston says:

2nd comment

Miss Adventuress says:

They were your fans Entoan! They just wanted an autograph… XD

Jose Hernandez says:

Them dinos were just relentless man, fun video none the less man.